Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cute Turkey Day Video

I had to share this with my bloggies. It's just a little bit of fun to go along with your Turkey Day feast. Enjoy!

Happy Turkey Day!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Today, we are up in Eureka, Kansas on a beautifully sunny 28F morning. Ok, so it's totally freezing here. But we're quite content to stay indoors, enjoying the warm company of family for our holiday and eating lots of turkey and 'tofu-key'.

We're also counting our many blessings that we've had this year. We are so thankful for the response we've received from our clients who appreciate our vision and keep us in business. :) We realize that not everyone gets to do what they love for a living and we're totally blessed to be doing this.

So on this great Turkey Day, we give thanks, share in the company of family and friends and remember that life has as many yummy pumpkin pie moments as the sauerkraut ones! (But the best part is the late-night turkey sandwich!) Happy Holidays! :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


The Holiday season is upon us - my most favorite time of the year - and I feel like celebrating! Starting today, I am offering double credit on all Collections booked between now and the 5th of February, 2008. During this time, all retainers are just $1000. This means that you could be saving thousands on current Collection prices. What an awesome way to kick off the Holidays, eh? If you have been thinking of booking, contact me to see if your wedding date is available.

I'd also like to announce our newest offering - Wedding Slideshows - and I'm including them with all of my Wedding Collections. I've been dying to unveil this for weeks and now I finally can! :) Each will be a short montage of your wedding day set to music and displayed on my blog. Your family and friends will be able to view it here or they can purchase DVD copies and digital downloads (ipod compatible, of course). I'm so excited about these shows. Please click the link above to see the one I made for my August couple.

Before I sign off, I have been receiving emails about the Destinations gallery photographs. I would like to let everyone know that all of my photographs in that gallery are available as Fine Art Prints. Each print is signed by me and offered in several different sizes - most can fit under the tree. ^.^ For more information about purchasing a Fine Art Print, please click here.

Whew! Is everyone feeling the Holiday cheer yet? I am. I'll be posting more fun things as the Holidays get into full swing. I might even share my awesome holiday recipe for Double Chocolate Fudge Mint Crunch Bars (which are actually quite moist and chewy). But this is my BIG HOLIDAY NEWS post. I hope you enjoyed it. Happy Holidays to everyone!

~Cheers! Heather

Saturday, November 3, 2007

"Confessions of a Superhero" is a Hit!

I've been here in Austin for about a week now and all the while patiently waiting for "Confessions of a Superhero" to come out. Well, it's finally here! Today was the day that Jeremy and I headed into the heart of Austin to experience both it and the coolest theater ever - The Alamo Ritz!

We arrived a bit early because I was convinced we wouldn't find any parking on a Saturday. Of course, there just so happened to be a very empty parking garage about a block away. Since the theater wasn't open yet, we took the opportunity to walk around, taking in the street scene Austin has. It's historic. It's hip. It's cool and just a little quirky. It's Texas? Yeah. And it all adds up to some awesome vibes.

This was a fun sticker on a car parked out front of the Alamo theater. I'm thinking it either belonged to an employee or the theater has some very aggressive advertising. ^_^ (Good thing we parked in the garage :D *Just kidding*)

This area of the city is filled with restaurants and clubs with tons of character in old brick buildings. I'm just dying to do a photo shoot here. If you're in the Austin area, give me a holler and we can setup something fun! :)

In the walk up to the Alamo theater, they have these awesome red walls. Quick photo op while we wait. :)

Both of us still waiting ...oh the doors opened!

The inside of the Alamo Ritz is pretty sweet. Everything is strictly retro/cool. Old movie posters, bronze busts of Davy Crocket, old black-and-white photos of the Ritz in it's heyday - all greet you as you enter the lobby. They also show old movie clips remixed for pre-movie entertainment while you wait. Now here's the coolest thing about the Alamo theaters - they serve restaurant-quality food before and during the movie. They have small tables in front of the theater seats where waiters come and take your order. We had Robert. Hey Robert! (Jeremy recommends the Green Chile Mac n' Cheese.) Jeremy and I were in love with the whole experience. If you are ever in Austin or Texas, you must see a movie at an Alamo theater! Seriously.

Now it's time for our featured movie review!

I know that "Confessions of a Superhero" is only being shown in 4 cities (if you're in one, go see it! Seriously!) but it will come out on DVD. When it does, I highly recommend it to everyone - even if it's only a rent. Going into the movie, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. I assumed they would have the stories of the four main actors and how they became character performers in Hollywood. Well yes, they did show their histories (and each has a very unique history - some with old hollywood ties and others that I won't spoil for you) but I also saw each person go through a change during the course of the film. I won't give too much away because the movie is all about the exploration of their stories and themselves: their motivation, their inspiration and their resolution. But I will say that this film is very well done and deserves all the praise it gets! The stories of these individuals become so real that you end up cheering for them by the end. I got to know each one more personally then I thought I would in a documentary film - which was very cool. Being a photographer whose purpose is to convey my clients stories and personalities through my images, I understand how difficult it can be to successfully portray the real person. "Confessions..." has done this. It also left with an interesting perspective on the whole newcomer/struggling actor trying to make it in Hollywood. It made me wonder - with so many hopefuls trying to make it and so few actually being found - is the process to stardom really worth it? Watch and find out! Seriously. :)

That's all for now from the Lone Star State!