Friday, January 18, 2008

Leave me an Email :)

Hello everyone. I'd like to let you all know that the fastest way right now to reach me is through my email. Because of my schedule, I am able to check my emails more easily than my voice mail. And since Wednesday, with the release of my newsletter, I have received several phone messages that I have not yet returned. I do apologize for this. If you have left me a voice mail and haven't heard back from me yet, don't worry. You will by the end of today. ^_^ Thanks for your patience!

And just as a heads up, remember the awesome documentary, Confessions of a Superhero that I posted about in November? Well, it's being released on DVD this Tuesday, January 22nd. Click here to see the trailer and here to catch my post and review about this really neat movie. It's definitely worth a rent if not a buy!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Holidays Part 3

After Christmas, I traveled up north to Eureka, California to visit my mom's family. It's a beautiful drive up through redwoods and hills/mountains. It flurried on the way (which is rare) but I didn't stop to shoot it. I'd seen enough snow in Maryland. ^_^

Our base camp was Grandma's house. With all of the endless trays of fudge and cookies and candy and cake (and an xbox for the kids), I think all of the family was there 24/7 enjoying the food and fine company.

This is my Grandma. I've wanted to take a portrait of her for so long.
I really love how it came out.

This is Grandma with my cousin Cassie.

Enter the willing model!

Cousin Liz in quiet repose.

The quiet didn't last long...

This is the brawl that ensued after trying to take a portrait of all the kids/cousins.
We're such a loving bunch. ^_^ It's ok though - these three are siblings.

This is the small apple orchard in Grandma's backyard. I had been wanting to have a shoot there but since I'd arrived, it had been raining and raining without end. So with a constant drizzle coming down and everyone being stuffed with holiday leftovers, what were we to do? Why, have an impromptu apple picking/photo session in the rain, of course!


Cassie! More apples!

Liz, come join the fun!
I had to climb a very wet and slippery tree to get this good laugh.

Cousin Steph gave us moral support. Such a brave soul!

Grandma's backyard is magical. With an apple orchard, a bamboo forest and an amazingly old, distressed barn - it's a portrait photographer's dream to shoot (with some willing subjects, of course). ^_^ Cassie! To the Bamboo!

Did I mention she's a cheerleader? She posed herself!

Cousin Logan got pulled into the shoot too. He was awesome - tromping into all of those soggy apples and leaves without a single complaint. ^_^ Logan, you rock!

The GQ pose.

And this is my aunt Susie with her daughter, Cassie. Yes, I got her mom into the shoot too. Such a photogenic pair! She's also the mother of all 3 brawlers (see picture above). How does she do it?

As always, my trip ended way too soon. I'm so glad I got to see everyone in the short time that I had. I hope it doesn't take another two+ years to meet up with everyone again. At least, there are pictures to remember the fun. I'm such a strong believer in capturing the memories because there's never enough time in the end. But there's always pictures! ^_^

Until next time!

The Holidays Part 2

Now comes the best part of the Holidays - Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! I was lucky enough to spend both with friends, my Dad and two super cute four-legged buddies.

Everyone needs a Nun's Having Fun calendar!

He wasn't always like this. I was lucky enough to catch him on his 'just catching my breath to run amok again' moments. But can you blame him? It was Christmas Eve!

Awe! Christmas lights - decorating an orange tree. Yep! It's a California Christmas.

On Christmas Day, we got to have an awesome breakfast of Egg Nog French Toast and a game of Christmas Crackers over the breakfast table!

The Mrs. showing off her fashionable winnings.

Having a good laugh with the queen of improve herself!

Ladies, meet heartthrob number 2! Stealing the hearts of the young and those young at heart!


If you're wondering, the answer is 'yes'. This is the traditional California Christmas Dune Buggy. (Complete with light-up Christmas tree.)

I hope you enjoyed Part 2!
Stay tuned for Part 3 as I head up to the far north of California - where it actually snowed.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Holidays Part 1

This year, my holiday was a whirlwind of family, food, fun times and foto-ops all across (the northern half of) California! Yeah, two weeks there and I only made it half way through the state. :) But I took a lot of pictures everywhere we went! That means I will be making multiple posts to keep each post's length to a minimum. To kick things off, here's Part 1:

The day after I got into Santa Rosa, I got to see the Brian Setzler Orchestra - a rocking big band playing the Christmas favs in style. (Glittery red hot bass with painted flames included!) Seeing them perform made me want to run off and become a back-up singing flapper girl for Mr. Setzler. Brian, darling - Let's talk. :)

I was also lucky enough to see the musical Jersey Boys playing down in San Francisco - the city. It's a great show with great music. Check the link if you want to see more about it.

The main reason I came to California this year was to see my Dad and family that I haven't seen in a long time! (Several I hadn't seen since I was "knee high".) It's amazing how family members whom you've never known most of your life simply connect with you. It's a really cool experience that I'm glad I got to have.

I've got to post of few pics of our house in the hills we got to stay in. The beauty you find in California is one of kind. You can find it everywhere - even in your own backyard. (And yes these are all from our backyard.)

I got to meet up with my friends Ellen and Randy at an awesome local sushi restaurant named Sakura - definitely recommended! The food and the friends :)

Dad and I got to catch a few movies and have some fun in the theater lobby. The following is why you should always have your camera handy when you go to the movies!

That's my Dad! ^_^ And because turnabout's fair play, here's me with the Mark V!
Go Speed Racer!
(Photo courtesy of Dad. He's the one that first got me into Photography. Thanks Dad.)

That's all for Part 1!
Next up, more friends - more family - and some really adorable pics of puppies!