Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This is Sparta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(aaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!)

I'd like to dedicate today's blog to the awesome movie "300" - which just so happens to be hitting store shelves today. (plugged! lol) It is also sitting on our shelf now too! :) This movie is major eye candy, inspiration, and a veritable feast for all of you action junkies out there. I personally wouldn't describe myself as a "junkie". However, I do love a good action-packed thrill ride - when the mood strikes. (Can you tell I love amusement park rides too?) Of course, the real draw of the 300 for me is the cinema - the amazing style of visual storytelling that only a handful of movies truly succeed in these days. I dare say that this movie has compelled itself so completely into its own genre of movie. The scenes appear as living paintings and the action is unfurled with great gusto and trumpeting! Aw-HooH! (whoo! sudden surge of heroic spartan inspiration there... hehe) Since the movie was completely filmed on green scene, the creators of the 300 had complete freedom to express Frank Miller's (guru of comics) brutal and still strangely beautiful vision of the ancient Spartans. There are moments in this story that just take your breath away or open your mind to new ways of seeing the world.

Now, I admit this isn't all sunshine and shiny "Ab-men". There is a lot of blood and gore and many unpleasant things. It is an action movie based on an incredible yet gruesome battle. But the gore never struck me as overwhelming or in excess. I am a squeamish one - ask Jeremy. :) You won't find me going to any horror movies (or going on really, really scary rides or even haunted houses). And yet I'm totally enthralled with this movie! The 300's tactful use of slow-motion (lots... and lots... of slow motion) makes the battle scenes tolerable and very, very heroic. So instead of looking away, I'm leaning forward and cheering Leonidas on! (Darn it, I want a shield! lol) Oh and I must mention the queen of Sparta character. She is one of the strongest female roles I have ever seen portrayed in a movie! I will not say much more than that because I don't want to spoil just how awesome she is. But when you see her in this you will be cheering her on too!

As a lover of visual beauty, compelling characterization, and a total indulger of all things eye candy, I recommend the 300 to you!

Friday, July 13, 2007

New Album In!

Friday the 13th had us pretty busy today but in a good way. We're excited about the surge of interest being shown in our photography. And we are grateful to all of you who have passed along your encouraging comments and best wishes. (By the way, if you have sent me an email and haven't received a reply yet, you will be getting one by this evening.)

A surprise package came for us in the mail today, affording us some excitement and glee. It was our new sample wedding album! It's such a cute little book! This is our 5x5 parent display album. Our larger albums can be ordered in the same style and cover - many color options too! Our bigger ones will be arriving soon. But I just couldn't resist taking a few quick pics of this little darling. Enjoy!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Website Goes Live!

That's right folks! We have just gone L-I-V-E! The new site is officially up and running. So head on over and take it for a spin. Just to clarify, from now on when you type in our address you will be taken to our website splash page and not our blog. However, we have included a blog link both on our splash page and on our website menu so you can keep up with all of the latest and greatest from Heather Jorgensen Photography!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Best Bag Ever

Happy 7-7-7 everyone! Has it been a lucky day for you? I know it's been one for me! Today I received my long awaited and highly coveted Shootsac! I first saw them back at the WPPI in March where they debuted. The table was swarmed the whole time so all I got to do was peer from a distance. Then in June, the Shootsac official website opened. I am pleased to say that I was one of the last and lucky few that placed an order before they were completely sold out. Actually, I was only able to secure the bag itself. The Shootsac fabric covers (which are so cute and super handy) were completely gone. I'm still stalking the site to get one when they re-stock! Oh yes, and we do need to get another bag for Jeremy. He was kind enough to let me take the first one. Thanks sweetie!

So what exactly is a Shootsac and why are they harder to secure than an iphone? Well, they maybe the best camera bag I've ever used. As soon as I lifted the bag from its packaging, I was surprised at the weight and quality of the material. The Shootsac is made from the same material as a wet suit for diving. This will be great for insulating my lenses in our cold fall and winter sessions here. Also, this bag can hold all of my equipment I need for a wedding and yet it is still flexible and comfy to wear - not like my current bag which is just a boxy nuisance. That bag is now retired! The really nice thing about the Shootsac is the easy access I have to all my equipment. If you are a photographer reading this or a photography enthusiast, I highly recommend the Shootsac to you! I can't wait to use it at my next shoot. The creator of this bag says it will change the way you shoot. As a great photographer herself, I can tell she knows exactly what we as photographers need - a good bag! Tempted? Here's the website - www.shootsac.com Make sure to get on their mailing list as they are still sold out and will send out an email to you when there are more sacs to ship.

Oh yes, our website is finally complete and awaiting the great switch-flipping! We are hoping that this will take place just after the weekend. We're very excited about how it turned out and can't wait to share it with you. So stay tuned!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Coming Soon

We have been working on our website for the past month and are nearly ready for it to go live. We are projecting an opening date of sometime around or just after the upcoming holiday. Slightly cryptic? Perhaps. A little vague? You better believe it! It's always those tiny bugs you never saw coming that sink your perfect time line. But as soon as the site does open, we will make the announcement right here. Also, once this happens, www.heatherjorgensen.com will direct you to a splash page where you can choose to enter the new site or our current blog. Either way, you'll know when we flip the switch. Keep checking back over the holiday. You never know when we'll open early.

In the meantime, I feel we are in need of posting another picture. Don't worry, Becca and Brendan. Your wait is almost over! This one didn't make it into the original highlights post. However, I still think it deserves a little fanfare.