Monday, December 17, 2007

Off for the Holidays

The last of the orders have been shipped out and I am finally ready to enjoy the Holidays! Yay! Beginning tomorrow, I will be out of the office and not return until - next year! :) Seriously, though, I'll be out until January 5, 2008.

This Christmas, I'll be in partly sunny and somewhat foggy California. I'm so excited that I'll get to catch up with friends and family whom I haven't seen in years. It's going to be awesome! Unfortunately, I won't have access to the internet. *gasp* (So no more blog posts unless I sneak away to a Starbucks or wi-fi shop). I'll still be taking lots of picture to show everyone when I return.

Now for a moment of fun: This weekend, as I ventured out into the overwhelming sea that is the Holiday Mall Madness, I saw the cutest pair of Christmas socks! I confess - I indulged my inner festive child and snatched them up! Red and white candy striped? Oooooh, yes! Dear Santa, 12 months is a long time... So true. I love them and I won't be taking them off until April! :)

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dancing Feet

Hello everyone! These past two weeks, I've been busy getting some last minute Christmas orders sent out. Since it's my last full week at work, I am scurrying to make sure everything is finished - on time and out the door. :)

While editing at my computer, I've been staring out the window and enjoying the scenes of lovely snow falling - and then melting. I think our yard was covered in white for one whole day! Now I'm treated to such lovely sights as fog and overcast winter light. But since colors really pop in this weather, the gray skies aren't too dismal or sad. (By the way, winter light is gorgeous for pictures!)

I was going through some photos from earlier this year when I chanced upon a darling pair. This little girl who we'll call "E" was in her grandparent's kitchen. As she was watching her family cook lunch, her feet began to do a peculiar little dance. No one seemed to see it as they were busy preparing the food - I'm not even sure if "E" knew what her feet were doing. But her little dancing feet caught my eye. I quickly caught these two moments before she had to move out of the adults' way and find another spot.

I have more images of "E". (She has the cutest, pinchable cheeks. ^_^) But these little feet remind me of the free spirits children possess and the whimsy they bring to our lives. When was the last time your feet danced by themselves?

Here's to remembering that free spirit inside all of us that just wants to break out and dance! Invite them out to play and dance this Holiday season.


Monday, December 3, 2007

Happy Holidays with Elf

You know the Holiday season is in full swing when you hear Country Christmas songs playing at your local grocery store. To ring in my Holidays, I've been blasting the Elf movie soundtrack. Lots of good tunes! It has all the classics with some sassy revamps. My current favorites are Pennies from Heaven, Baby It's Cold Outside, and Let It Snow.

It's no surprise that Elf also happens to be one of my favorite Christmas movies. Who wouldn't love a towering Will Ferrell in a bright green, elf costume - trying his hardest to spread Christmas cheer to all New Yorkians everywhere! It's a great movie to turn on and watch while wrapping presents, sharing a festive night with friends, or baking cookies with the family. Everyone needs a good Holiday laugh, right? I know I sure do. So lift those spirits and treat yourself to a night of great music and heartfelt fun with Elf. Happy Holidays!

P.S. You can hear samples from the Elf soundtrack by clicking on the picture and scrolling down the page to the track list. :) Enjoy!