Monday, March 24, 2008

The whirlwind has left the building!

We're back! (finally)

Jeremy and I are exhausted from our trip to Vegas. It was even more wild and crazy than we could have imagined - but in a good way. :) My head is spinning with images and ideas and we're both just trying to process them all now. Oh yeah and our images too. *hehe* I will be making a bigger post with pictures soon. But I wanted to write in and say we haven't forgotten about you guys. I am so excited by what I learned at the WPPI and I can't wait to share my experience with you!

Easter snuck up on us this year. We didn't have time to dye eggs sadly =( but we did manage to snag some easter sweets - in particular, those awesome Cadbury creme-filled eggs and a few packs of the traditional Easter delight ~ Peeps! The eggs didn't last long (of course) however, I did manage to catch this scene.

Me - "Jeremy, these peeps are sooo cute! Hold one so I can take a picture!"
Jeremy - "I have blue sugar on my fingers."
Me - "That's okay. It's pretty. Now turn him. That way. OK, more... more."
*click*click*click* (I look down to check the view screen)
Me - "OK. Now I want you to... Jeremy, where's the peep?"
Jeremy - "maawhheee, hewwahh... immmaah... mooowoohhfff..."

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We're off!

I'm so excited! Jeremy and I have been waiting months for this weekend to come. Can you guess what's happening? We're off to Las Vegas!

Nope, we won't be gambling. And we probably won't have time to take in any shows - though I've been really curious about Cirque du Soliel's KA & LOVE productions. So what WILL we be doing? For a whole week no less? Wait for it... *drum roll*

It's time for the 2008 Wedding & Portrait Photographers International Convention! *CHEERS*

Last year was our first time and it was a week long of one incredible experience after another. I believe 10,000 photographers made it to Vegas from as far away as Australia! And everyone we met was so open and helpful and encouraging. There's such a wealth of giving, talented, and extraordinary photographers gathered together. The creative verve is so energizing and revitalizing! I can't wait to go back now and meet our old friends plus make a bunch of new ones! I'm looking forward to seeing Jose Villa, Jesh De Rox, Gene Higa, Joe Bussink, Mike Colon, Jerry Ghionis, Jules Bianchi, David Jay, and so many more! Everyone in the wedding photography industry will be here and we will be having an absolute blast! :)

Oh, I also get to peruse the greatest of all Photographic trade shows! A trade show may not sound like fun, but just the new albums that debut here each year are worth a day trip to Vegas. (Yep, I love albums!) I'm also looking forward to the surprises I'm sure I'll stumble upon. I know there will be many! I can't wait to hunt them down and bring them back for my clients!

I'll be keeping the blog posted as the convention starts rocking! And of course, it IS Vegas. I may just have to play hooky for a few minutes and capture Sin City in all its splendor! I can't just post pictures of convention rooms here, now can I? =)

Wish us luck! One week of Photography bliss/overload, here we come!


P.S. All of our emails and calls will be checked daily. So leave us a message and we'll get right back to you!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Welcome, Baby Zimmy!

I awoke to a pleasant email today. =) Joanna and Justynn, one of our previous couples, welcomed a new member into their family this very morning: Zimmerli Ezra Ross Mayo. I was lucky enough to see some of his first photos and he's quite the charmer. ^_^

Congratulations, you guys! I wish I could be there to photograph his first days but I'm sure Nana and Papa already have that covered. ^.~

To Baby Zimmy: I wish you a world full of happiness, joy, curiosity, and many, many sleep-filled nights!

Cheers and Congrats!